Annual Fundraising

There are many ways that you can help Divine Infant Jesus School in maintaining excellence in education. Annual Fundraising activities supplement the income received through tuition, fees and the parish investment. Fundraising is a critical part of the school’s operational budget.

By participating in some of the fundraising programs listed below you can help make a difference.

As encouragement to help with our fundraising efforts, Fr. Michael and the School Advisory Board have approved a fundraising incentive plan for this year. Families who exceed their fundraising responsibility will receive a tuition credit at the end of the year equal to fifty cents on each dollar over their responsibility up to a maximum of $500.00. This plan is only good for those School Advisory Board approved activities as listed below.


School Board approved activities and credits toward your fundraising responsibility:

  • Raffle Party & Tickets=100% of sales (dollar for dollar)
  • School Health Walk-A-Thon Pledges=100% of pledge (dollar for dollar)
  • Annual School Appeal/Pledge=100% of contribution (dollar for dollar)
  • Market Day=20% of sales (20 cents for each dollar)

Funding Factory

Funding Factory is a 100% free opportunity to earn cash and rewards for our school by recycling used inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, cell phones, iPods/MP3 Players, laptops, digital cameras, and  GPS devices.  Items may be dropped off at the school office or in the vestibule of church.  Last year we fundraised over $2,000 through recycling!

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education has helped schools earn over $375 million. What if we did a little bit more? What if we ourselves just clipped 10 more Box Tops this year? What if we all shopped online as we normally shop, bought the stuff we normally buy, where we normally buy it, but with one small difference? What if we did it through the BOX TOPS MARKETPLACE? We would earn up to 15 percent on our online purchases. THIS IS CASH THAT WOULD GO DIRECTLY TO OUR SCHOOL! Every little bit adds up. Sign up at

“Wall of Memories” Commemorative Plaques

The legacy of Divine Infant has always been about the people and their commitment to establishing, developing and continually supporting Catholic Education in the parish. This legacy has enabled Divine Infant School to fulfill its mission of providing its students with an excellent Catholic Education for over fifty years. The Divine Infant spirit has touched the lives of thousands of children and adults throughout the years. Each individual has memories of our school, classmates, teachers, priests, nuns and volunteers who have helped shape their lives.

With an eye on the future and memories of the past, help keep this legacy alive by purchasing a commemorative plaque that will be affixed to the wall of the main entrance to Langan Hall. The “Wall of Memories” will be adjoining a display of some of the memorabilia of Divine Infant School.

Each plaque is $150 and all proceeds go directly to Divine Infant School. As a contributor to the “Wall of Memories”, you will have your commemorative plaque affixed to the “Wall of Memories” and you will receive a certificate of recognition for your continued support of Catholic Education in our parish

If you have any questions or need an order form, please call the school at 708-865-0122 or fax the school at 708-865-9495.