Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.)

The TRIP program is designed to raise funds for Divine Infant School.  In addition it also gives all families the opportunity to reduce their tuition bills. Orders can be placed online at

How does it work?

  • You purchase gift cards/certificates at face value from over 150 local and nationwide merchants to be used just like cash.
  • Merchants offer a discount ranging from 1%-29% on the face value of the gift card/certificate.
  • Of that discount, 60% is applied as a credit directly toward your tuition account.
  • The remaining 40% goes to support our school.
  • Credits are applied to your tuition account in October and April.  (You will receive a notice from us as to when to apply that credit)


Ordering is SIMPLE and CONVENIENT!

  • Orders are processed on a weekly basis
  • We are now accepting TRIP orders online at
  • The deadline for orders is 2:00 pm, every Friday.
  • Orders are delivered on the following Wednesday afternoon
  • Orders can be picked up:
    • At school
    • At the rectory
    • Or sent home with your child
  • Orders must be prepaid.  Make checks payable to Divine Infant TRIP and send to school prior to the deadline:  ATTN: Rose Gutierrez – TRIP.
  • Tuition credit will be reported on the receipt you receive with your order.

With only a small amount of planning, your weekly spending can reduce your tuition balance AND help Divine Infant School!!!!

  • Use for monthly expenses for food and gas!
  • With over 150 different merchants participating, you’re sure to find stores that you regularly shop at!
  • Gift certificates make excellent birthday gifts!
  • Encourage your family and friends to buy and decrease your tuition balance even MORE!!!!
  • Last minute purchases??
  • Jewel, Dominick’s, Shell, and BP Gas certificates on hand for immediate purchase from Toni at the Rectory.

Make your money work for YOU and DIVINE INFANT and give our TRIP Program a try!!!

Please contact Rose Gutierrez at (708)345-8461, or by email at with any questions regarding this program.

If you’re new to our TRIP program, contact Rose for a user id and password

See all the current vendor information at .