About Us

Mission Statement

The parish community of Divine Infant calls the school to prepare its students for their high school experience and their role as the future of the Catholic Church. The school does this by integrating and imparting faith, respect and moral values throughout its academic curriculum.

The parish community will provide the school with financial support and an atmosphere of Catholic Christian faith. The school will provide the parish community with teachers of the gospel who model and share their faith through prayer, word and example.

The primary mission of the school is to serve active parishioners within the parish’s physical boundaries, and if staff and space are available, all others who feel a quality Catholic education with strong religious training is best achieved at Divine Infant School.


We envision the graduates of Divine Infant School to be individuals who:

  • Respect and value self, others and their environment
  • Recognize their unique potential and use their gifts to make the world a better place;
  • Grow in their faith and are willing to share that faith by living as Christ taught us to live; and
  • Are prepared academically and spiritually for their high school experience.