Athletics Board

Mission Statement

The Divine Infant Athletic Program wishes to develop young men and women who work at disciplining themselves within the framework of Christian values. Hopefully, these young student athletes will develop a respect for themselves and for others.

Philosophy Statement

The Divine Infant Athletic Program is competitive in nature, playing each contest within the rules of fair play and good sportsmanship. Each athlete will be instructed to use their better judgment, and are to give every player the opportunity to participate.

It is the belief of the Athletic Board that a strong emphasis should be placed on team participation. Coaches at all levels should be aware that the Athletic Board feels it is the responsibility of the Divine Infant Athletic Program to develop all of our young athletes in the fundamentals of the sport, while team spirit and Christian values are incorporated.

Athletic Board Members

President – Jen Lemke

Secretary – Lisa Gudmundson

Treasurer – Steve Lemke

Board Member – Chris Medjo Me Zengue

Board Member – Angie Reyes

Board Member – Shawn Tucker



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