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Our TRIP program is also known as SCRIP Fundraising.  Click on the links below to learn how to raise funds for Divine Infant School and earn credits that can be applied to your tuition.




Digital Citizenship

At Divine Infant Jesus, we want our students to make good decisions so they can take advantage of the powerful technology that fills their lives both at school and at home.  In order to make good choices, children must know how the digital world works.  That is why DI has partnered with Common Sense Media to provide resources, tips, videos, and other materials to help parents and teachers keep our students safe in the digital world. After clicking the Common Sense Media link (the blue link above), go to the Family Guides and Parent Concerns links in the navigation panel to view and download helpful information on how to encourage your children to become responsible digital citizens.

A new LinkedIn page for alumni, family and friends of Divine Infant!

We just launched a new LinkedIn page for alumni, family and friends of Divine Infant. Our hope is that this community can be a resource for individuals to offer – and find – career guidance, job and internship opportunities and promote businesses that are friends of the school.
If you’re on LinkedIn, join us!

Divine Infant Jesus School – Westchester, IL | LinkedIn

A group for alumni, family and friends of Divine Infant Jesus School in Westchester, IL.