Grade 2


June 7,2017


This homework page is for the convenience of our parents.
Students are still required to write assignments in their assignment notebook in case of technological problems.




For extra practice your student can work on current skills on line.   The web page  is user: is their first initial and last name.Frog123 is the password. Math on the spot tutorials are done in the classroom, however, students can do these at home as well. It gives a brief explanation of each chapter. We are currently on chapter 2.  I will try to let you know each night the chapter___ and the lesson_____. The QR code is a phone App and it is the black and white box located in each lesson, it helps with the lesson as well.

Social Studies: 











Week of June 5,2017

Grade 2  Newsletter


Monday:summer uniform. Those reaching goal for A.R. are out of uniform. Students who did not meet our goal are in summer uniform. 

Tuesday:summer gym uniform.  Our class enjoys an extra recess and ice cream treat from The Gutierrez family and the Gudmundson family purchased at auction!!!!Thanks so much!!!!

Wednesday:summer uniform.  8:00 Mass today. Clean our desk day. Game day.

Thursday:summer uniform. 8:00 Mass today. and 11:40 dismissal.

Friday:summer vacation begins!!!Have a great one!!!!!!!:) 



NOTE: Please note : we have a student this year with very bad allergic reaction to peanut butter and nuts. I have asked our second graders to be very careful at lunch and to sit away from our friend . Even the smell of the peanuts could put her into shock. I will be sending a list of peanut free snacks home so on our treat and snack days we can be peanut free!:) Thank you all for your kindness and help with this allergy.(Dunkin Donuts, Jewel cupcakes, Sam’s Club cupcakes are safe, Oreo  and Chips Ahoy cookies are safe), Goldfish and cheeze-it crackers , chex snack mix (no peanuts). Please do not send peanut butter at lunch at all. Today Hannah had a severe reaction to the smell of it. 

winter uniform:pants /white shirt/red vest/red or blue zip up (no skorts or shorts)