Grade 6

This homework page is for the convenience of our parents.  Students are still required to write assignments in their assignment notebook in case of technological problems

Monday, December 11, 2017

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Vocabulary: None

Greek/Latin Roots:  Week 9 due Thursday 12/14

6th Grade Science: 3.2 quiz Tuesday

6th Grade Language Arts:  none


7th Grade Language Arts: run-on and fragment wksht 84, adjective wksht 32. Run-on and fragment quiz Tuesday; Adjective quiz Wednesday.

7th Grade Science: Write the moon origin theories down in your notebook. Moon observations due Monday January 8th.


8th Grade English: Demonstrative adjective wksht, Run-on and fragment quiz Tuesday

8th Grade Science: 3.2 quiz Tuesday



Social Studies / Religion: Click here for Mrs. Doucet’s  6th  Grade Social Studies and Religion homework.

Math / Reading: Click here for Mrs. Macpherson’s 6th Grade Math and Reading homework.



Grade 6 Newsletter

Week of: December 3, 2017

Dear students and parents,

Please be patient with receiving test and quiz scores back, it takes me more time to finish grading with baby Emma at home. I have 70 students this year and sometimes 140+ papers to grade during the course of the week/weekend. Please be patient.

Grading policy

Homework: 15%

Lab/Quiz: 35%

Test/Project/Essay: 50% 

  • Late assignments are deducted one point each day, but no more than five late points will be deducted on an assignment.
  • ½ a point is deducted from assignments without a name 
  • Homework is taken for homework points, that the assignment was completed on time, not on amount correct.
  • We go over every assignment as a class and I work through problems that were confusing. I collect several assignments to check progress. Students should be using this time to ask for clarification on a skill.  
  • Once we have covered a topic for a few days, then we take a quiz over that topic.
  • The book work and worksheets the students complete for homework are the same skills the quiz is based on. The skills that we work on with the homework and the quizzes are the same skills on the test.
  • Quizzes and tests should be signed and brought back for homework points.


Greek and Latin Roots: Week 8 

Vocabulary: Unit 5

6th Grade Science: Chapter 3 Bacteria, 3.1 quiz Monday  

6th Grade Language Arts: Chapter 1


7th Grade Science: Chapter 2 Earth, Moon and Sun- Moon observations due January 8th

7th Grade Language Arts: Chapter 2, Chapter 18


8th Grade Science:  Chapter 3 Cells, 3.2 quiz Tuesday

8th Grade Language Arts: Chapter 2, Chapter 18


Social Studies / Religion: Click here for Mrs. Doucet’s  6th  Grade Social Studies and Religion.

Math / Reading: Click here for Mrs. Macpherson’s 6th Grade Math and Reading.