Grade 7

(This homework page is for the convenience of our parents.  Students are still required to write assignments in their assignment notebook in case of technological problems.)

December 12, 2017


6th Grade Reading: “Wartime Mistakes…”  p.160-163  ** Fill in notecards on the pages

**  READ!!!!!!!!       Final book report due Jan. 8. (It can be handed in earlier!)

 7th Grade Reading: “Right Hook, Left Hook”  p. 498  #1-5, and constructed response – – Quiz tomorrow

8th Grade Reading:  “The Circuit”  p. 287  #2,3,4  Quiz

6th Grade Math: Reteach 3-10

***** 2 IXL Reviews due Sunday, 12/17

After school help is available every TUESDAY from 3:00 to 3:30.

7th Grade Math:   p. 517  #1-33

**** 2 Reviews due Friday

After school help is available every WEDNESDAY from 3:00 to 3:30.   

8th Grade Math:   WB 4-9

After school help is available every THURSDAY from 3:00 to 3:30.

Social Studies / Religion: Click here for Mrs. Doucet’s  7th  Grade Religion and Social Studies homework.

Language Arts / Science: Click here for Mrs. Howard’s 7th Grade Language Arts and Science homework.


Latin/Greek Week 10 due Thursday








Grading Policy:

Math – –    10%  Homework (Not graded on percent correct, the grade shows that a student

has completed assignments on time.)

30%  Average Quiz Grade – – lowest quiz grade is dropped

60%  Average Test Grade

Reading – –     20%  Miscellaneous assignments and quizzes

80%   Chapter Tests, Novel Studies, Book Reports






 7th Grade News…  Week of  December 11, 2017

Reading (Gr. 6):   Collection 2:analyze characters and conflict; text structure of articles; outlining; compare/contrast

Reading (Gr. 7):   Collection 5: Prose & Poetry — main idea, compare/contrast, generalizations, fact/opinion

Reading (Gr. 8):  Collection 3:  make inferences, cause & effect, compare/contrast article, role of setting, analyze author’s message

Math (Gr. 7):  Chap. 4:  exponents and order of operations, prime factorization, change between fractions/decimals/mixed numbers

Math (Gr. 8):  Chap. 4:  transformations –  translations, reflections; review for chapter test

Math (Gr. 6):   Topic 3: test solutions, review chapter, test

Science/ Language Arts: Click here for Mrs.Howard’s 7th Grade Science.

Social Studies/ Religion: Click here for Mrs. Doucet’s  7th  Grade Social Studies.

Miscellaneous: Items in the weekly newsletter are generally what are planned for the week, but are subject to change.

Tuesday:  8:00 Mass – – students should arrive at school by 7:45 a.m. followed by Confession

Wednesday:  8:30 Montini Christmas Choral Concert

Thursday:  7:00 p.m.  Christmas Cantata in Church