Grade 7

(This homework page is for the convenience of our parents.  Students are still required to write assignments in their assignment notebook in case of technological problems.)

February 23, 2018

Spelling/Vocabulary:  Unit 7 due Friday

6th Grade Reading: “All Aboard…” p. 487  #1-6

 7th Grade Reading:  p. 562  #1-7

8th Grade Reading:  

6th Grade Math:  Worksheet

After school help is available every TUESDAY from 3:00 to 3:30.

7th Grade Math:  WB 6-10

After school help is available every WEDNESDAY from 3:00 to 3:30.   

8th Grade Math:   WB 9-6  #7-12

After school help is available every THURSDAY from 3:00 to 3:30.

Social Studies / Religion: Click here for Mrs. Doucet’s  7th  Grade Religion and Social Studies homework.

Language Arts / Science: Click here for Mrs. Howard’s 7th Grade Language Arts and Science homework.












Grading Policy:

Math – –    10%  Homework (Not graded on percent correct, the grade shows that a student

has completed assignments on time.)

30%  Average Quiz Grade – – lowest quiz grade is dropped

60%  Average Test Grade

Reading – –     20%  Miscellaneous assignments and quizzes

80%   Chapter Tests, Novel Studies, Book Reports






 7th Grade News…  Week of  February 19, 2018

Reading (Gr. 6):   Collection 5:  autobiography, biography, first-person, third-person, main idea, topic, Test

Reading (Gr. 7):   Collection 5: Prose & Poetry — poetry, images,  figures of speech, test

Reading (Gr. 8):  Collection 1: Plot, retelling, analyze proposition, elements of subplot, parallel episodes, propositions

Math (Gr. 7):  Chap. 6:    finding %, percent of change

Math (Gr. 8):  Chap. 9: Measurement in Geometry:  surface area, volume

Math (Gr. 6):   Topic 6: chapter review, test

Topic 7:  Fractions – add and subtract like denominators

Science/ Language Arts: Click here for Mrs.Howard’s 7th Grade Science.

Social Studies/ Religion: Click here for Mrs. Doucet’s  7th  Grade Social Studies.

Miscellaneous: Items in the weekly newsletter are generally what are planned for the week, but are subject to change.

Monday:  No School – President’s Day

Tuesday:  12:30  Rosary

Wednesday:  8:00 Mass – – students should arrive at school by 7:45 a.m.