June 1, 2017  

Please remember that it is a “Sunday Best ” occasion and no flip flops or slippery shoes should be worn.

Graduation is in Langan Hall at 9:30 on Friday.. Children are to arrive at 9:00 in the office area where we will pick them up.  Please remember that today is your child’s last day of school for this school year. They will be leaving with you for the summer.

Report cards will not be given out but mailed to your home.

Please make sure to get the children’s artwork( 2 flowers, bird,and photo) before leaving. All of them are marked with your child’s name.


POP-TOP COLLECTION DATES:    June 1.  Please help us win a class dress down and help children at Ronald McDonald House.







Sister Carolyn’s-  

Mondays– Write the words 3x each on separate paper and return to school.

Tuesday–   Study the words

Wednesday  Write a sentence for each word  on separate paper and send it back to school.

Thursday– Study the words



MATH:  .



Kindergarten  Newsletter

Week of: 5-30-17

RELIGION:  This week we  will be talking about endings and new beginnings.

READING: We finished the entire Superkids/Superkids Club!

PHONICS/SPELLING:  We are working on all  sounds.

MATH: We have finished all chapters of Go Math and took the end of year test.

SCIENCE:  We are talking about the characteristics of a shark.


HANDWRITING: We are working on writing our names and numbers correctly. We are doing some creative writing using a story idea as a base.

COMPUTER: We are learning how to search for things of interest. We’ve searched for pets, Fatima, and Lourdes.

MUSIC:  working on our graduation songs.

LATIN & GREEK ROOTS:  We are learning the root aero which means air.

DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP:  We have finished all 5 lessons at our level.


Notes: Please remember to send a snack for your child. Something  to drink and something to eat would be fine. I try to discourage chocolate items if possible.

COMPUTER WEBSITES USED: please use the link above.