December 12, 2017

Tomorrow. Wednesday, there is NO CHURCH but they need to wear their regular school uniforms.  Also, I am out on a Professional Growth opportunity- Mrs. Gutierrez will have Mrs Piotrowski with her.  There is Math homwork tonight.

On Thursday for the 7:00 performance, the children need to be here at 6:15 in order to get costumes on.

For the Christmas show, the children will be wearing their gym sweats, as their part got changed from the original plan.  THEY NEED TO WEAR THESE ON MONDAY AS WELL FOR THE DRESS REHEARSAL.

Reminder: If your child , either boy or girl , is wearing blue slacks and white shirt/blouse, they should be  wearing the red/blue DI zip up sweatshirt, DI red sweatshirt or red v neck sweater. Girls may wear the red DI cardigan also. The girls wearing their jumpers need to be wearing tights or knee high socks-no leggings are being allowed any longer.

Please dress your child for the weather. We do go outside at lunch on most days. Lately I’ve been seeing some of our children wearing only a sweatshirt and no heavier coat. It gets cold out there especially after 15-20 mins.

HOMEWORK: Math  homework this evening.  Do pages 277-278.

No spelling until after Christmas–too many things going on.




PHONICS/SPELLING: –  We are going to restart this after Christmas.

Mondays– Write the words 3x each on separate paper and return to school.

Tuesday–   Study the words

Wednesday  Write a sentence for each word  on separate paper and send it back to school.

Thursday– Study the words






Kindergarten  Newsletter

Week of: 12-11-17

RELIGION: We will be talking about neighbors.

READING: We are talking about story sequence and cause and effect.

PHONICS/SPELLING:  We are working on the sounds of C , O,  G, D, S , L  short a sound as in apple. and short i sound as in igloo. We started to attempt dictation of 3 letter words. The children are doing well.

MATH: We are working on using objects to solve addition problems to 10. We will also work on finding 10 from a given # such as  7 +_=10 or as missing addend.

SCIENCE: We took a nature walk between church and school noticing all the squirrel nests in the trees and then looked at the tree stump by church, we saw the rings that mark the age of the tree.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will talk about seasons of the year.

HANDWRITING: We are working on printing our numbers to 10 correctly. We need alot of help on this at home as well as in school.

COMPUTER: We are still working on logging in and navigating the ixl program independently. We do it in the classroom on my computer and they seem fine until they are doing by themselves.

MUSIC:  We are practicing for our CHristmas show on Dec. 14

LATIN & GREEK ROOTS: Our root this week is:  ops, opt, & op which mean eye/vision, or view.



Notes: Please remember to send a snack for your child. Something  to drink and something to eat would be fine. I try to discourage chocolate items if possible.