Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten


Week of:  December 4, 2017

What we learned this week:

  • What Advent is,
  • What an Advent wreath is,
  • Who baby Jesus was, and why we really celebrate Christmas,
  • Why we put lights on a Christmas tree and why we light candles during Christmas time,
  • What the Nativity is,
  • Who St. Nicholas was,
  • The Letter “Oo” and the sound it say.

Books we read throughout the week:

Monday – The First Christmas
Tuesday – Santa’s New Suit
Wednesday – I’ve Seen Santa
Thursday – This Is The Star
Friday – Watched a Veggie Tales video “The Toy That Saved Christmas”

This week we continued our Christmas unit.  We reviewed who St. Nicholas was/is and remembered that his special Feast Day is Wednesday, December 6.  We also talked about the many things we’re doing during Advent to get ready for Jesus’ birthday, and was told the story  about the legend of the first Christmas tree and why we put up a Christmas tree with pretty colorful lights.  Here are the projects we did:

Monday – Triangle Christmas tree,
Tuesday – St. Nicholas loves Jesus banner,
Wednesday  – Christmas tree math project,
Thursday – Painted Christmas trees,
Friday – Gingerbread men.

During Religion this week, we continued talking about about Advent and discussed some of the things we’re doing to get ready for Jesus birthday.  Here is what else we did:

Monday – Religion paper – Put candles on an Advent wreath,
Tuesday – Colored a picture of St. Nicholas dressed as a bishop,
Wednesday – Colored a picture of St. Nicholas dressed in his traditional outfit,
Thursday- Seeds paper.  Advent.  Drew pictures showing how we’re getting ready for Christmas,
Friday – No religion due to getting ready for the Christmas program.


What we did this week in our SuperKids reading program:

We concluded “The Elves and the Shoemaker” story.  We will slowly start our next story “Jingles, Rhymes, and Poems” during the next two weeks.  Due to the short amount of time we have and getting ready for the Christmas program, we will not be working on SuperKids as aggressively as we have done in the past.


Songs We Sang Or Games We Played:

  • Star So Bright
  • Christmas Tree song
  • Jingle Bells
  • Must Be Santa
  • Christmas Candle
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas.


Songs we sang with our music teacher Mr. Watson:

  • There was no music due to Mr. Watson getting ready for the Kindergarten – Grade 8 Christmas program.

As always we thank you for all your help and support.


  • Please return you child’s folder everyday they come to school, and please check their folder every evening.  Important letters from the office, projects, class work, and letters from the teachers will be sent home in their folders.
  • When bringing money to school, please put all money in an envelope and write on the envelope what the money is for.  We don’t want to loose any money during the transfer process.
  • Please remember to write your child’s name on their juice box if they are bring a juice for snack.  If names are not the juice boxes there may be a lot of confusion as to who’s juice is who’s.  Thank you for your help with this.
  • The Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten’s Christmas program will be on the morning of Wednesday, December 20, at 9:30 in Langan Hall.  A reception will follow.  We hope everyone can come.  Please let us know in advance if your child will be leaving early that day.  Please let us know if no one in your family will be there to watch your child in the program.
  • The children’s class Christmas will be on Friday, December 22.  The parents who signed up to help with that party will supply the snack that day.
  • Divine Infant School has a community Christmas tree at Westchester Community Center.  The tree will be decorated on Monday, December 4.  The Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten children made garland to decorate the tree.  If you happen to be walking in that neighborhood, feel free to stop by and see Divine Infant School’s tree with the pretty ornaments made by the children of Divine Infant school.
  • The last of school for the Christmas break will be on Friday, December 22.  School will resume on Monday, January 8, 2018.


Monday – Bryce, Natalia, Ethan, Destyni
Tuesday – Christian, Karter, Lorelei, Drew,
Wednesday – Fritz, Raven, Skyler, Daniel, Olivia
Thursday – Reagan, Tyler, Salvador, Jose, Beth, Collin
Friday – Steven, TJ, Robert, Samantha, Carter H


What To Keep Working On At Home

  • Knowing the letters “Aa-Oo” and the sounds they says
  • Listening to directions so we know what to do,
  • Printing our first names.  If your child knows how to print their first name have them learn printing their last names.
  • Zipping coats and putting on shoes
  • Knowing how to print numbers 1-4,
  • Knowing how many objects goes into the numbers 1-5.
  • Now that the cold and flu is arriving, please work with your child to cough and sneeze in their arms when needing to cough and sneeze.  Many children are still coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths spreading germ around the classroom.  We want everyone to be healthy and germ free this school year.  We thank you for your help with this.


What we’ll be doing the week of December 11:

We will continue our Christmas unit and remember the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.  We will also be working hard getting ready for the Christmas program.