Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten


Week of:  February 19, 2018

The Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten class would like to welcome Tommy Paljetak and his family.  Tommy will be in the Pre-School class attending on Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Please bring one more snack if your scheduled bring snack on those days.

What we learned this week:

  • Who a Dentist is, and what their job is,
  • Why we need to brush our teeth
  • Foods that we should eat to keep our teeth healthy and cavity free,
  • What it means when we say “Follow Jesus”,
  • How to make a pattern,
  • The letter “Vv” and the sounds it makes,
  • Lent, and learning that during Lent we are waiting for Easter,
  • God gave us our feelings and all our feelings are great, and it’s “OK” to feel the way we feel,
  • Blending and sound out simple three letter words,
  • The sight words – the, and, was, you, off.  We also learned- love and peace

Books we read throughout the week:

Monday – No School
Tuesday – This Little President    and     The Loose Tooth
Wednesday – Curious George Visits The Dentist
Thursday – Loose Tooth
Friday – 

This week we began talking about Dental Health by learning who a dentist is and how to take care of our teeth.  Here are the projects we did:

Monday – No School
Tuesday – Happy face with teeth
Wednesday  – Dentist puppet
Thursday – Sewed a tooth
Friday – Painted a paper tooth with tooth brushes.

During Religion this week, we continued talking about Lent learning the real reason why we celebrate Easter.  We also continued talking our feelings learning that God gave us all our different feelings, and its “OK” to feel the way we do.  Here is what else we did:

Monday – Religion paper – God gave us feelings
Tuesday – Seeds paper – Telling the Good News about Lent,
Wednesday – Received our Ashes for Ash Wednesday,
Thursday- Assembled a purple Lent Cross
Friday – Religion paper – What makes us sad


What we did this week in our SuperKids reading program:

This week, we concluded the story “The Nightingale”.  We continued learning our left from our right, worked on listening and comprehension skills by listening to a question and circling the correct answer, continued to talk about feelings by also doing a sequencing activity.  Next week we will start the next book “The Country Mouse, and The City Mouse”.


Songs We Sang Or Games We Played:

  • Hungry Worm
  • Love Is
  • Won’t You Be My Friend
  • Brush Your Teeth
  • Hail Mary


Songs we sang with our music teacher Mr. Watson:

  • Mr. Watson sang some of our favorite songs with us.

As always we thank you for all your help and support.


  • Please return you child’s folder everyday they come to school, and please check their folder every evening.  Important letters from the office, projects, class work, and letters from the teachers will be sent home in their folders.
  • When bringing money to school, please put all money in an envelope and write on the envelope what the money is for.  We don’t want to loose any money during the transfer process.
  • Please remember to write your child’s name on their juice box if they are bring a juice for snack.  If names are not the juice boxes there may be a lot of confusion as to who’s juice is who’s.  Thank you for your help with this..
  • The Divine Infant School’s Fish Fry is this evening in Langan Hall


Monday – Bryce, Natalia, Ethan, Destyni
Tuesday – Christian, Karter, Lorelei, TJ, Alex
Wednesday – Fritz, Raven, Skyler, Daniel, Olivia
Thursday – Reagan, Tyler, Salvador, Jose, Beth, Collin
Friday – Steven, Drew, Robert, Samantha, Carter H


What To Keep Working On At Home

  • Knowing the letters “Aa-Ww” and the sounds they says
  • Listening to directions so we know what to do,
  • Printing our first and last names,
  • Zipping coats and putting on shoes
  • Knowing how to print numbers 1-6,
  • Knowing how many objects goes into the numbers 1-6.
  • If your child has a persistent cough, we ask that you please keep your child home until the cough if done.  Many health departments are suggesting that children who are coughing be kept home until they are no longer coughing and not having to take medication for 24 hours.  Bringing your child to school while still sick will spread the viral germ around the classroom getting others sick.  Your child will be sent home if they have a persistent cough or a persistent runny nose.   


What we’ll be doing the week of February 26:

We will continue talking about Lent, continue our Dental Health unit, and begin our unit on Dr. Seuss to celebrate his birthday.