Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten


Week of:  October 9, 2017

What we learned this week:

  • Who a Fire Fighter is,
  • Water puts out fires,
  • Fire Prevention and how to be safe by not starting fires,
  • The Letter “Gg” and the sounds it says,
  • Knowing the numbers  1-4 and how many goes into each number,
  • The Pre-Kindergarten worked on printing the number 4,

Books we read throughout the week:

Monday – No School
Tuesday – Fire Fighters
Wednesday – Clifford the Fire House Dog
Thursday – Here Comes Fire Fighter Hippo
Friday – No story due a longer religion lesson

Since October is Fire Prevention month, this week we learned who Fire Fighters are and what their job is.  We also talked about how to be safe and not start fires by learning we don’t play with matches, or to light the stove.  We also sang a great song to remember to STOP DROP AND ROLL if your clothes catch on fire.  We also learned about the clothing Fire Fighters wear to protect their bodies during a fire.  Here are the projects we did:

Monday – No School
Tuesday – Fire Fighter paper bag puppet
Wednesday  – Fire Truck
Thursday – STOP DROP AND ROLL fire dog
Friday – Painted a fire hat.

During Religion this week, we talked about animals being gifts from God.  We reviewed how to take care of animals.  We focused on God’s gifts of the birds and fish and talked about how we should take care of the birds and fish that God made.  We also began talking about the Rosary learning what It is, and remembering that when we pray the Rosary we are honoring God, Jesus, and Mary.  Here is what else we did:

Monday – No School
Tuesday – Seeds paper.
Wednesday – Religion paper.  God’s gift of birds
Thursday – C0lored a picture of the Rosary
Friday – Religion paper.  God’s gift of fish.


What we did this week in our SuperKids reading program:

We began our next story “La Tortuga” next week.  While reading “La Tortuga” we learned:

  • The circle shape
  • The meaning of the words “wise” and “clever”
  • How to make circles around the correct answers.

Songs We Sang Or Games We Played:

  • 5 Little Speckled Frogs
  • Scamper Little Mouse
  • Freeze Dance
  • Grandmother’s Farm
  • Fall Leaves Flannel board story
  • The Nursery Rhyme “Kitty Cat Where Have You Been”


Songs we sang with our music teacher Mr. Watson:

  • No music due to no school


As always we thank you for all your help and support.


  • No School on Friday, November 3.
  • Please return you child’s folder everyday they come to school, and please check their folder every evening.  Important letters from the office, projects, class work, and letters from the teachers will be sent home in their folders.
  • When bringing money to school, please put all money in an envelope and write on the envelope what the money is for.  We don’t want to loose any money during the transfer process.
  • Please remember to write your child’s name on their juice box if they are bring a juice for snack.  If names are not the juice boxes there may be a lot of confusion as to who’s juice is who’s.  Thank you for your help with this.
  • The next special lunch will be on Friday, October 13.  It will be a hamburger or cheeseburger lunch.  If your child would like to have special lunch please return order form and money by the due date.  If your child is not ordering special lunch they will need to bring a lunch with a drink.  Remember that there will be no hot lunch or milk served that day.
  • The Halloween celebration will be on Tuesday, October 31.  Information was sent home earlier this week.
  • McTeacher Night is on Wednesday, October 25, from 5:00-8:00, at the Westchester McDonald’s on the corner of 31st and Wolf Road.  Information was sent home in the Wednesday e-mail packet.  Sadly, I will not be able to go due to me tutoring at the Dyslexia center.  Mrs. Steker will be there later in the evening.  We hope to see you all there.



Monday – Bryce, Natalia, Ethan, Destyni
Tuesday – Christian, Karter, Lorelei, Drew, Collin
Wednesday – Fritz, Raven, Skyler, Daniel, Olivia
Thursday – Reagan, Tyler, Salvador, Jose, Beth
Friday – Steven, TJ, Robert, Samantha,


What To Keep Working On At Home

  • Knowing the letters “Aa-Gg” and the sounds they says
  • Listening to directions so we know what to do,
  • Printing our first names.  If your child knows how to print their first name have them learn printing their last names.
  • Zipping coats and putting on shoes
  • Knowing how to print numbers 1-3,
  • Knowing how many objects goes into the numbers 1-4.
  • Now that the cold and flu is arriving, please work with your child to cough and sneeze in their arms when needing to cough and sneeze.  Many children are still coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths spreading germ around the classroom.  We want everyone to be healthy and germ free this school year.  We thank you for your help with this.


What we’ll be doing the week of October 9:

We will continue our Fire Fighter/Fire Safety unit, and begin Halloween.